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Our Vision

To rescue, restore, and release vulnerable young women and girls to become healthy and productive adults experiencing life in all its fullness.

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Our Heart

To provide a safe place and a loving environment where young women will have the opportunity to grow emotionally, socially, spiritually and educationally so that they will experience hope, dignity, and value.

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Our Needs

All of the projects with which Saruni International is involved require considerable funding. There are many ways to give including buying a cow (or part of a cow), donating shoes, or giving cash. Join us on our support team.


Our History

So you may be wondering: What is Saruni International? Why and when was it formed? Who are we and why is this important to us? What do we do in Kenya? These are all great questions and the answers are only a click away.

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Eat delicious pizza and help raise money to rescue girls.